Playground Program Registration Process

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I register my child for the 2019 summer program?

Registration will take place ONLINE ONLY beginning Saturday, March 2nd at 9:00* am and will close on Friday, March 15th at 4:30 pm. The online registration process is REQUIRED in order to reserve a place for your child in the program. If any spaces remain after March 15th, late registrations will be accepted in person at the Recreation Department office in Town Hall during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm; closed for lunch, typically 12-1pm).

*Registration start times will be staggered. Session 1 will open at 9:00 am; Session 2 will open at 9:15 am; and Session 3 will open at 9:30 am.

Can I register my child for more than one session?
Yes. You may register your child for a maximum of two sessions (pending space availability).

Can I put my child on the wait list for more than one session?
Yes. You may place your child's name on the wait list for any or all sessions. If you are eventually offered a space in a wait listed session and your child is already signed up for two other sessions, you will need to choose which two sessions you wish to keep. There will be no exceptions made to the two session maximum rule.

Are the sessions open only to specific ages or grade levels?
Admission to the program is based on grade level. All three sessions will be open to students entering grades 1-6 in the fall (2019-20 school year).

Does the online registration form need to be completed by a parent or legal guardian?

No. Because the online registration process is simply designed to hold a space for your child, anyone can complete this form. If someone other than the child's parent/guardian will be completing this process,  they will need to have the following required information on hand: One parent/guardian's name (first & last), e-mail address, and phone number; the first & last names of the child or children to be registered.

The actual registration paperwork does need to be completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian. It may not be signed by another relative or temporary guardian.

Can I register someone else's child online at the same time as my own, using just one form?

No. The information required during the online registration process is specific to each family (i.e. parent/guardian's name & contact info), so a separate online form would need to be completed for any child whose information differs. You may only register multiple children using a single online form if they all share the same parental contact information.

Can I sign my child up for just one of the two weeks in Session 1, 2 or 3?
No. Registrations for Sessions 1, 2 and 3 will only be accepted for the full two-week period. Additionally, there are no discounts or refunds if your child is signed up for a two-week session but only attends for one week. Each session's registration fee is a flat rate and is not based on the actual number of days attended.

Is payment required to complete the online registration process?
No. Payment is not due during the online portion of the registration process; however, payment must be received in the Recreation office by 4:30 pm on Friday, March 22nd (along with the completed/signed paper registration form) in order to complete and secure your reservation.

I have completed the online registration process and printed out the necessary paperwork. Now what?
Paperwork and payment in full must be received in the Recreation office by 4:30 pm on Friday, March 22nd, either in person or by postal mail. Forms will not be accepted by email or fax. Failure to meet the March 22nd deadline will result in the cancellation of your reservation(s). The required paperwork will be available to download/print from the program webpage (beginning March 2nd), or you may pick up a hard copy from the Recreation Department office in Town Hall.

I am registering more than one child for a particular session. Can I fill out a single (paper) registration form?

No. The questions asked on the registration form are specific to each individual, so we need to have a separate form on file for each child in order to avoid any confusion and to ensure your child's safety and well-being while attending the program.

When you complete the online registration form, however, you will be able to register multiple children (maximum of 4 at once; all must share the same parental information) for a single session at one time, provided that the number of spaces you're requesting are still available.

Do I need to submit separate payments for each child and/or session?
No. You may submit a single payment with the total amount due for all children/sessions.

What forms of payment are accepted for this program?

Payment by check or money order is preferred, made payable to "Town of Southington." Cash is also accepted in person at the office (you must have the exact amount due; the office does not keep cash on hand to make change). You may also choose to pay by credit card in person at the office or online; however, please keep in mind that all credit card transactions will have a 3% service fee added on to the total cost which is non-refundable.

Is financial aid available for this program?

Financial aid may be available to eligible families through Southington Community Services. Please make an appointment with the Community Services office at 860-628-3761 to check your eligibility for financial aid. Qualifying families may receive a maximum "scholarship" of $130 towards the program registration fees (this will cover the cost of one session for a single child). The March 22nd program registration deadline still applies, so be sure to contact SCS as early as possible if you will be relying upon the scholarship as your method of payment.

I have submitted a credit card payment online. Can I email or fax over the registration form?
No. An original, signed form must be submitted to the Recreation office either in person or by postal mail by the March 22nd deadline. Scanned copies of any type will not be accepted.

Will I need to provide a copy of my child's birth certificate or medical records with the registration form?
No. We do not require a birth certificate or any type of medical records for registration.

I am unable to print out the required registration form. What should I do?
Hard copies of the registration form will be available to pick up in the Recreation office at Town Hall, 75 Main Street (top floor). Blank forms will only be handed out to those who have completed the online registration process. If you are unable to get to the office during regular business hours, please call us at 860-276-6219 to make alternate arrangements to obtain the necessary paperwork.

I registered online, but have missed the March 22nd paperwork/payment deadline. Can my child still attend?
All online registrations that have not been followed up with the proper paperwork and payment by March 22nd will be CANCELLED. Those spaces will then be offered to individuals on the wait list. You may call the Recreation office at 860-276-6219 to see if there is still availability in the session(s) you had originally requested, but space is no longer guaranteed for your child.

I missed the online registration period. Can I still sign up my child?
Yes, provided that space is still available in the session(s) of your choice. Beginning Monday, March 18th, late registrations will be accepted (pending availability) in person at the Recreation office in Town Hall, 75 Main Street (2nd floor), during regular business hours. You may call the office at 860-276-6219 before stopping in to see if there are any openings.

I completed my child's registration and paid in full, but our plans have changed. Can I get a refund?

Yes, provided that you notify the Recreation office at least three (3) business days prior to the start date of the session(s) being cancelled. You may call 860-276-6219 or send us an email with your cancellation notice and refund request. A timely cancellation will allow us to offer the space to a child on the wait list, so the sooner you are able to notify us, the better.

All refunds will be issued in check form, regardless of your initial form of payment. Checks will be issued by the Southington Finance Department and may take 2-4 weeks to be processed and mailed. View all program registration, cancellation, and refund policies here.


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