Official Minutes of the Economic Development Strike Committee

*All minutes posted to the Town of Southington website are considered draft minutes until approved at the following meeting.*

10/27/2011  Meeting Cancelled  Meeting Cancelled 
09/29/2011   Special Meeting Agenda Special Meeting Minutes 
09/22/2011  Agenda  Meeting Cancelled
08/18/2011   Special Meeting Agenda Meeting Cancelled 
06/23/2011   Meeting Cancelled Meeting Cancelled 
06/16/2011  Special Meeting Agenda  Special Meeting Minutes
05/26/2011  Agenda   Minutes
05/17/2011  Special Meeting Agenda  Special Meeting Minutes 
04/28/2011    Agenda   Minutes
03/24/2011  Agenda   Minutes
02/24/2011  Agenda  Meeting Cancelled
01/27/2011   Agenda  Minutes 
11/30/2010  Special Meeting Agenda      Special Meeting Minutes
11/18/2010  Meeting Cancelled   Meeting Cancelled
10/28/2010  Agenda  Minutes 
09/23/2010     Agenda  Minutes 
06/24/2010  Agenda   Minutes 
05/27/2010  Agenda   Minutes 
04/22/2010   Agenda  Minutes
3/25/2010 Agenda Minutes
2/17/2010  Agenda Minutes
1/7/2010 Agenda Minutes

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