Kennedy & DePaolo Construction Project

In an effort to keep everyone informed, periodic updates related to the construction projects at both Kennedy Middle School and DePaolo Middle School will be posted here.

DePaolo Phasing Plan, click here

Kennedy Phasing Plan, click here

DePaolo Site Plan, click here

DePaolo Interior Construction Plan, click here

Kennedy Site Plan, click here

Kennedy Interior Construction Plan, click here

You will be able to see images of the below items by clicking on the links:

New construction phasing plan (inside the building) at both Kennedy and DePaolo
• Site logistic plan during the summer at both Kennedy (JFK SL-1) and DePaolo (JAD SL-1)
• Site logistic plan upon students’ return to school at both Kennedy (JFK SL-2) and DePaolo (JAD SL-2)

Public Building Committee (DePaolo & Kennedy Middle School):

Edward Pocock, Jr., Chairman (click to e-mail)
Christopher Palmieri, Vice Chairman (click to e-mail)
Venard Chanski
Colleen Clark
Michael Fortier
Brian Goralski
Melissa Sheffy

Ex-Officio Members:

Fred Cox
Mark Sciota