General Information FAQ

When is the next election and what offices will be contested?
Tuesday, November 4, 2020: Election for Federal and State Offices.  Party may precede this election next year.  Dates will be announced when they become available.

2019 Election Calendar--Includes all important dates and deadlines for all Election related activities leading to the 2019 election, including dates for Town committees, selection of delegates for State and District Conventions, petitions for and dates of primaries, activities pertaining to minor parties, registration of voters, and dates of elections. Click here to download the entire calendar.

What elections can I vote in?
All registered voters may vote in regularly scheduled, general elections. Voters who are registered with a political party may vote in any primary election of the political party in which they are registered. All registered voters may vote in referenda held by the town. Non-registered voters who are taxpayers owning assessable property worth more than $1,000 in Southington may vote on referenda questions involving taxable items.

Who can register to vote?
Any U.S. citizen who attains the age of 17 years and will be 18 by the date of the November election and who has not been convicted of a felony unless their voter rights have been restored, and truthfully fills out a voter registration application (Form ED-671).

How do I register to vote?
1.)  You may now register to vote on line.  You can begin the process by clicking here.
2.)  Contact us in person or writing, or by phone, fax, or e-mail requesting a mail-in application. You can download an application form here.
3.)  Use the motor vehicle application received with your drivers license application.
Where do I vote?
Primary and General Elections are held at all 11 polling places. District 1 South End School, District 2 JFK Middle School, District 3 Derynoski Elementary School, District 4 Hatton Elementary School, District 5 Flanders Elementary School, District 6 Depaolo Middle School, District 7 Kelley Elementary School, District 8 Thalberg Elementary School, District 9 Tabernacle, District 10 Oshana Elementary School (Formerly Plantsville School), District 11 Strong Elementary School. Click Here for a list of streets with polling districts.
Click here to go to a site to look-up your polling place.  (You first need to be registered to vote.)
Special Referenda are usually held at one location only - Derynoski Elementary School from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Persons eligible to vote in:
  • General Elections: all regstered Southington voters.
  • Primary Elections: those who meet the above requirements, plus be a member of the appropriate political party.
  • For Referenda: all registered Southington voters and, for expenditure questions taxpayers who own at least $1,000 of property in the Town of Southington.

To find out more information about your voting district, please call us at (860) 276-6268 or e-mail us. A special voter making session is held at Southington High School for students who are 18 years old, or have turned 17 and will be 18 prior to Election Day of that year. The session is usually held during May in the school atrium.
Under what circumstances may I apply for an Absentee Ballot? You may apply for an Absentee Ballot if you will not be in town on the day of the election, if you are physically unable to go to the polls on election day, and if you are a poll worker working at another poll on election day.
How can I get an Absentee Ballot? To apply for an Absentee Ballot Click here
Important facts to remember if you want to register just before an election:
Mail in registration cards: We can accept your mail in voter registration card provided it is postmarked on or before the 14th day before Election Day.
Voter making sessions:
a) Saturday, three weeks before the election 10:00AM to 2PM in Registrars of Voters office at the Town Hall.
b) Tuesday, one week before Election Day 9AM to 8PM. In Registrars office.
c) Up to 7 days before the election you may register in person in the Registrars office. You must present identificaton. This is the last time you can register for this November’s election.
Exceptions to the above cutoff dates are:
a) If you move into town after the one week cutoff date. (You must show closing papers or a lease dated after that date.)
b) You become a citizen after the one week cutoff date. (You must show your citizenship papers dated after that cutoff date.)
c) You turn 18 after that cutoff date.
If you fall into one of the above categories you can register up until noon the day before the election in the Registrar of Voters office.

How can I remove my name from the Election Roles? We need a signed document to remove your name. You can either send us a note requesting removal with your name, birthdate, and signature, or download a form from here and send it to the Registrars, Southington Town Hall, 75 Main Street, Southington, CT 06489. 
When do I vote?
In Southington, there is a general election EVERY November. Election Day is the first Tuesday After the first Monday in November. The polls open at 6:00am and close at 8:00pm.

Who does what at the polls?
  • Moderator: The moderator is in charge of the polling place and performs or directs all operations during the voting day.
  • Assistant Registrars (there are two): The Assistant Registrars represent their respective registrars of voters in the polling place overseeing the voting operations on Election Day and also reinstating voters whose names have been removed from the active voting list and placed on the inactive list who have not moved from that address.
  • Checkers: The Checkers check off the names of voters as they present themselves to vote. They also monitor the identification presented by voters prior to having their names checked off. All voters must be checked off before voting.
  • Ballot Clerks: The Ballot Clerks hand out paper ballots to voters who have been checked off by the Checkers. They also hand ballots to voters who have made mistakes in filling out their ballots. Ballots with mistakes on them are referred to as "spoiled ballots". They are marked as such and cannot be inserted in the tabulating machine.
  • Machine Tenders: The Machine Tenders remain by the ballot tabulatig machine. They instruct the voter on how and where to insert their ballots into the tabulator. They will refer the voter to the proper official it the screen on the tabulator indicates that the voter has made a mistake. They also monitor the privacy booths in the voting area to make certain that no campaign literature or debris is left in the booths.
In addition to the above persons actually working in the polling places, there are the following elections officials:
  • Registrars of Voters: Overall responsibility for the conduct of the election, including the proper training (and certification where needed) of all election officials and workers; proper setup and operation of all voting tabulators; all elections supplies needed at the polling places; making proper determinations of the eligibility of residents to vote; preparing all official voting lists and the distribution of all official voting lists and the distribution of all official literature; overseeing absentee voting and the hiring and supervising of all election officials and workers.
  • Head Moderator: Responsible for the Election Day conduct of the election, including the oversight of all polling places to make certain statutes are adhered to both in the physical makeup of the polls and the voting procedures. Also supervises the voting count at the end of the election, monitors all tally sheets and transports results to office of the Secretary of the State.
  • Town Clerk: Responsible for originating and reproducing absentee ballots, responding to requests for absentee ballot applications and issuing ballots upon their proper completion.
  • Machine Mechanics: Responsible for delivering election equipment to the polls before the election and making sure they the equipment is returned after the election.
  • Absentee Ballot Moderator: Reports to the Registrars of Voters and is responsible for the proper conduct of the absentee ballot counting operation. 
  • Deputy Registrars of Voters: Responsible for assisting in the election administration including class training for poll workers, and determining eligibility to vote on Election Day. Assumes duties of Registrar of Voters in their absence. 
  • It is important to note that procedures, number of poll workers, number of voting machines, hours of operation are all carefully specified by State statutes.

The above positions are paid. If you feel you would like to work at the polls on Election Day, contact the Election Department at 860-276-6268. 
Who are Southington's Registrars of Voters?
  • Elaine Bedard (D)
  • Michael Early (R)
What do the Registrars do?
  • As Chief Election Officials, they are responsible for the proper conduct of all Federal, State and local elections and all Referenda.
  • Conducting mandated voter making activities and encouraging this activity among the citizens of Southington.
  • Supervision and maintenance of all voter information and lists.