Safe Boating/Personal Watercraft Certification Course

Conservation ID Number

All students of the Safe Boating/Personal Watercraft Certification Course must have a State of Connecticut Conservation ID number established prior to attending the first class. If you have a Connecticut hunting or fishing license, your Conservation ID number will be the same ID number that was assigned with the hunting or fishing license. The number is printed at the top of the license.

To create a new or look up your existing Conservation ID number:

  1. Go to the Online Sportsman Licensing website. Click on the red "START" button.

  2. In the "Search by Personal Information" section, enter your last name, date of birth, and either your driver's license number OR social security number, then click "Next."

  3. If you are already in the system, your Conservation ID number will be displayed.

  4. If you do not have an existing Conservation ID number, click on the blue box at the bottom of the screen which reads, "Select Here to Receive Your Conservation ID Only for an Education Course Registration."

  5. Complete all required fields, then click "Submit."

Once your Conservation ID number has been established:

  1. Print out your Conservation ID profile and bring it to the first night of class. -OR-

  2. If you complete this process in advance of the program start date, you may email or call in (860-276-6219) your Conservation ID number to the Recreation Department. We will add your ID number to the class roster which will be provided to the instructors prior to the first class. You would not need to bring any documents to class in this instance.