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Protect your pipes so they don’t freeze

When the temperature drops, improperly insulated water pipes can freeze and rupture.  Expansion caused by freezing water is also a common cause for leaky pipes.

Protect your plumbing during cold weather by taking these easy steps:

  • Insulate exposed pipes, valves and hose bibs.  That includes pipes that are outdoors, in attics, crawl spaces, basements and garages.  Pipe insulation and insulating materials for hose bibs are available at many hardware stores.
  • Shut off and drain outside faucets.  If your hose bibs have individual shutoff valves, turn off the water supply for individual hose bibs and open hose bibs to drain faucets.
  • Shut off and drain your outdoor irrigation system and other water fixtures.
  • Disconnect your garden hoses from hose bibs.
  • Cover footing or foundation vents.
  •  Keep heat on and set your thermostat no lower than 55°F while away from home.
  • If you are leaving your house for an extended period of time, ask someone to check daily to ensure the heat is turning on.
  • Locate your emergency shutoff and learn how to turn off water supply.

To prepare for an extended freeze, you may want to:

  • Let water trickle from faucet on the outside wall furthest from your water meter.
  • Open cabinet doors inside your house to allow warm air to circulate





The Southington Water Department will be making every effort to clear snow away from the fire hydrants across town.  Please help in this effort by adopting the hydrant close to your home or business and keeping it free of snow during the winter months. By adopting a hydrant you help maintain a safer community.  In the event of a fire it is imperative that the Fire Department gain access to a water supply as quickly as possible to prevent loss of property and/or life. 

We are asking that you shovel the area around your adopted fire hydrant after each snowfall.  Clear a path approximately three feet around the hydrant as well as a clear path from the street or roadway so that the hydrant is visible and accessible.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated participation.

Have a safe winter season.



The Southington Water Works Department will begin hydrant flushing of water mains on Monday, October 2, 2017.  This work will continue until further notice.

Most cleaning will be done during the hours starting at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am.  More information on cleaning of the water mains in your area will be carried on Channel #14 on Cox Cable or you can call 860-628-5593 for daily updates.

The purpose of this program is to clean water mains of any accumulated rust or sediment that may build up over time.  This is done to maintain water quality throughout the distribution system.  Please excuse any temporary discoloration or reduced pressure, which are unavoidable consequences of this work.  The change, however, will not pose any threat to public health.  Every effort will be made to keep inconvenience to water users at a minimum.  Please check your wash water before doing laundry.



The Southington Water Department has completed its construction of a new concrete storage tank, approximately 1,500 feet of water main and a pump station on the east side of town.  We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, the Department will begin the process of changing the water system to incorporate this zone.  Customers may notice changes in their water pressure over the next thirty days due to these system modifications. 

Customers should contact the Department with any questions or concerns at (860) 628-5593 during regular business hours.





  • New Year’s Day                               
  • Martin Luther King Day                  
  • President’s Day                               
  • Good Friday                                     
  • Memorial Day                                 
  • Independence Day                          
  • Labor Day                                       
  • Columbus Day                                
  • Veteran’s Day                                 
  • Thanksgiving Day                           
  • Day after Thanksgiving                   
  • Christmas Day                                 





The Southington Water Department has begun flow testing and painting all 1,389 public hydrants throughout the town of Southington. This process will take place over the next few years.

The colors on the newly painted hydrants were discussed with the Fire Department and were selected in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations for marking hydrants. Each color corresponds with the hydrant classification determined by flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm). The barrels of all public hydrants will be painted yellow. The caps and nozzles will be painted in accordance with the NFPA directive of light blue, green, orange, and red. The color codes provide valuable information to the Fire Department in its efforts to fight a fire.

Private fire hydrants are not the responsibility of the Southington Water Department. The Southington Fire Department has requested all private hydrant barrels be painted red with the caps painted in accordance with the NFPA color coding system. For any questions pertaining to maintenance and flow testing of private fire hydrants, please contact the Southington Water Department at 860-628-5593.



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