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The Southington Water Department in order to continue to fund its operating and capital improvement budget has found it necessary to raise water rates.  The operating budget has continued to increase due to several reasons, including but not limited to, increases in insurance, treatment, utilities and labor.  The capital budget has also continued to grow due to infrastructure improvements and replacement cost. As a result, the Southington Board of Water Commissioners (SBWC) has decided to increase rates in order to continue to serve our customers with a safe, reliable drinking water supply.  At its June 2018 meeting, the SBWC voted to adopt the following proposed rate increase.

The following new water rates will become effective in the July 2018 billing.  This means that any water consumption used to calculate the July 2018 billing will be based on the following new rates:

Quarterly Consumption Charges

Consumption in           Existing           New               Increase

Hundred Cu. Ft. (CCF) Rate               Rate              Per CCF

0-1000                        $3.04/CCF   $3.19/CCF      $0.15

Over 1000                  $2.84/CCF   $2.98/CCF      $0.14


Quarterly Service/Infrastructure Charge Rates

Meter            Existing                       New Rate

      Size            Service Charges       Service Charges

5/8”                  $22.15                        $22.82

3/4”                  $22.15                        $22.82

1”                      $33.74                        $34.75

1-1/2”                $61.46                       $63.30

2”                     $89.18                        $91.85

3”                    $156.66                      $161.36

4”                    $253.07                      $260.66

6”                    $450.71                      $464.23





  • New Year’s Day                               
  • Martin Luther King Day                  
  • President’s Day                               
  • Good Friday                                     
  • Memorial Day                                 
  • Independence Day                          
  • Labor Day                                       
  • Columbus Day                                
  • Veteran’s Day                                 
  • Thanksgiving Day                           
  • Day after Thanksgiving                   
  • Christmas Day                                 





The Southington Water Department has begun flow testing and painting all 1,389 public hydrants throughout the town of Southington. This process will take place over the next few years.

The colors on the newly painted hydrants were discussed with the Fire Department and were selected in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association’s recommendations for marking hydrants. Each color corresponds with the hydrant classification determined by flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm). The barrels of all public hydrants will be painted yellow. The caps and nozzles will be painted in accordance with the NFPA directive of light blue, green, orange, and red. The color codes provide valuable information to the Fire Department in its efforts to fight a fire.

Private fire hydrants are not the responsibility of the Southington Water Department. The Southington Fire Department has requested all private hydrant barrels be painted red with the caps painted in accordance with the NFPA color coding system. For any questions pertaining to maintenance and flow testing of private fire hydrants, please contact the Southington Water Department at 860-628-5593.






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