Other Connecticut CERT Teams

Connecticut CERT's

Name of Program: Wolcott, CT. C.E.R.T.
Geographic Area: Town of Wolcott, CT.
Point of Contact: Chet Sergey
Title: Chairmen LEPC Town of Wolcott, CT.
Phone Number: 2038791414 153
E-mail address: chet.sergey@snet.net

Name of Program: New Milford CERT
Geographic Area: Litchfield County
Point of Contact: John Mangin
Phone Number: 8602100343
E-mail address: jack_mangin@yahoo.com

Name of Program: Goshen CERT
Geographic Area: Litchfield County, City of Goshen
Point of Contact: James P. O'Leary
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 8604912308 228
E-mail address: james.p.oleary@snet.net

Name of Program: Washington,CT CERT
Geographic Area: DEMHS Area 5 / Northwest CT Council of Govt.
Point of Contact: Robert J Tomlinson
Title: Emergency Management
Phone Number: 2037928200 3025
E-mail address: rtomlinsonr@netscape.net
Website address: http://washingtonct.org
Brief Description: Washington CERT, working under Emergency Management - to assist the Town's First Responders - with EOC duties, shelter management, and long term traffic duties (fire-police)-

Name of Program: Town of Harwinton CERT program
Geographic Area: Litchfield County, Harwinton
Point of Contact: Lincoln Taylor
Title: Emergency Management Director
Phone Number: 8604855009
E-mail address: lincoln.taylor@snet.net
Brief Description: 1st class is underway with very positive results.

Name of Program: Hamden Ct. Emergency Management CERT
Geographic Area: New Haven, Hamden
Point of Contact:  
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2034075880
E-mail address: churlburt@hamden.com
Brief Description: Volunteer arm of local OEM. CERT members fill the bulk of the operational slots at Hamden's EOC. Hamden CERT also mans OEM's mobil command post and re-hab unit. Respond to calls of assistance from local PD and FD and regional mutual aid.

Name of Program: Orange CERT
Geographic Area: New Haven, Orange
Point of Contact: Fred C Palmer
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2034442733
E-mail address: fcpalmer@juno.com
Website address: http://www.cert-orange.com
Brief Description: The Town of Orange CERT is comprised of 35 dedicated citizen volunteers that are trained to protect themselves, their families, and aid in stabilizing their neighborhoods in the event of an emergency, prior to the arrival of emergency services. The CERT also provides critical support functions, such as management and operation of our evacuation shelter and EOC. The community they help to protect consists of 18 square miles and a resident population of 14,000 people, in the Southern portion of Connecticut. The Orange CERT members are the true definition of First Responders. The team holds monthly meetings, training sessions, and work with regional CERT's for drills and scenarios.

Name of Program: Town of Southbury CERT
Geographic Area: New Haven, Southbury
Point of Contact:  
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2032620647
E-mail address: southburymarc@juno.com
Brief Description: Currently have a 13 person Ham radio group in training. Will be completed at end of month. Group to be utilized for emergency communications.

Name of Program: Windham Region CERT Program
Geographic Area: Chaplin, Hampton, Windham, Scotland, Columbia, Coventry, Mansfield, Lebanon
Point of Contact: Dagmar Noll
Title: Windham Region CERT Coordinator
Phone Number: 8604562221
E-mail address: cert@wincog.org
Website address: http://www.windhamregioncert.org
Brief Description: The program's first basic CERT Class was held in January 2005. Classes are held one to two times a year. Graduates may choose to join one of the three teams in the region.

Name of Program: NE-CERT
Geographic Area: Windham County, Killingy
Point of Contact: Jim M Larkin
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 8607741253
E-mail address: jim.larkin@neccog.com

Name of Program: Torrington CERT
Geographic Area: Litchfield County, City of Torrington
Point of Contact: Thomas Vannini
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 8604892014
E-mail address: tavannini@hotmail.com
Brief Description: City of Torrington now hav 4 teams available. 2 teams are high school age students who took program during school year.These teams will be utilized in shelter management, and be trained in animal sheltering. Have 1 team from area health dept. who serve as a Sanitarian team who test water, check on sanitation needs, and inspect food locations. Last team is comprised of ham radio operators, who are being utilized to assist with emergency communications.

Name of Program: Town of Thomaston
Geographic Area: Litchfield County, Town of Thomaston
Point of Contact: Lt. Kris Nelson
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 8602834421
E-mail address: kipbrammer@thomastonct.org
Brief Description: 21 individuals have just completed their CERT training, and will be assisgned into an average 5 person team. They will be under the direction of the police department.

Name of Program: Naugatuck Valley/Woodbury CERT
Geographic Area: Naugatuck Valley, Town of Woodbury
Point of Contact:  
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2032632141
E-mail address: wdbysel@snet.net
Brief Description: Have an 16 person team in 2nd week of training.

Name of Program: East Haven CERT
Geographic Area: New Haven, East Haven
Point of Contact: Paul J Norwood
Title: CERT Program Manager
Phone Number: 2034696486
E-mail address: pjnwd@sbcglobal.net
Website address: http://www.easthavencert.com
Brief Description: East Haven located in south central Connecticut with a population of 30,000. East Haven is 12.5 square miles bordered by the City of New Haven, the Towns of Branford, North Branford, North Haven and the Long Island Sound. Within our district are many hazards including Interstate 95, Tweed New Haven Airport, Railroad service both passenger and industrial, A hazardous material Tank Farm storage facility, several industrial parks, Long Island Sound and numerous Elderly Housing and Assisted Living complexes. CERT came to East Haven in the later part of 2004 with the goal to help better prepare the citizens through proper training and education in disaster preparedness. The East Haven CERT members are very active in non-emergency functions as well as within the emergency management structure. East Haven CERT will have three levels of training for the members. A basic, intermediate, and advanced level. The three levels concept is very similar to LA - CERT. Through a strong partnership with the fire department and the local chapter of American Red Cross, citizens of East Haven are better prepared to handle all emergencies and better educated on how to prepare in advance.

Name of Program: Danbury Citizen Corps
Geographic Area: Fairfield County, Danbury
Point of Contact: Michael McLachlan
Phone Number: 2037974511
E-mail address: M.McLachlan@ci.danbury.ct.us
Website address: http://www.ci.danbury.ct.us/content/39/73/default.aspx

Name of Program: New Canaan CERT
Geographic Area: Fairfield County, New Canaan
Point of Contact: Jim Cole
Title: n/a
Phone Number: 2039661663
E-mail address: Jim.Cole@ci.new-canaan.ct.us
Website address: http://www.NewCanaanCERT.org
Brief Description: The New Canaan Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program trains citizens to be prepared to help themselves and their neighbors in the event of a disaster, crisis or common emergency. Citizens who are successful in completing the course have the opportunity to volunteer as members of New Canaan CERT. Members of CERT will have basic disaster survival tools, an Identification Card, and the opportunity to further help their community. New Canaan CERT is affiliated with the New Canaan Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Town of New Canaan Emergency Operations Center.

Name of Program: WESTPORT CT CERT
Geographic Area: Fairfield County
Point of Contact: Ernest Heidelberg
Phone Number: 2032260780
E-mail address: ernest.heidelberg@ieee.org
Website address: http://www.WestportCERT.org
Brief Description: Westport CERT, a Division of the Westport Police Department, is a volunteer organization created under the Federal Citizen Corps initiative. Its mission is to serve Westport by supporting local emergency service agencies (Police, Fire, EMS, Red Cross and Health Agency)in disaster, crisis and emergency response. Training is based on the FEMA CERT program.

Name of Program: Wilton CERT
Geographic Area: Fairfield CT, Wilton
Point of Contact: Jack Majesky
Title: n/a
Phone Number:  
E-mail address: jdmaj@sbcglobal.net
Website address: http://www.wiltoncert.org
Brief Description: Wilton CERT offers two training classes per year (spring and fall) to town residents and commuters who work in Wilton. Wilton CERT works very closely with other Fairfield County CERT programs. There are three FEMA certified CERT trainers as part of the organization.

Name of Program: VSEMA CERT
Geographic Area: Lower Middlesex County and Lyme/Old Lyme
Point of Contact: Donald McDougall
Phone Number: 8606631355
E-mail address: https://donaldmcdougal@townofkillingworth.com
Website address: https://donaldmcdougal@townofkillingworth.com
Brief Description: The VSEMA CERT is a regional team representing the towns of Chester,Clinton,Deep River,Durham,East Haddam,Essex,Haddam,Killingworth,Lyme,Middlefield,Old Lyme,Old Saybrook and Westbrook.Twentyfive students from the area towns have completed the CERT program. The goal is to train one hundred citizens to respond to an emergency on a as needed basis any where in the regional area.

Name of Program: Manchester CT CERT
Geographic Area: Hartford
Point of Contact: Donald Janelle
Phone Number: 8606475259
E-mail address: djanelle@ci.Manchester.ct,us
Brief Description: The Manchester CERT Team is comprised of 4 main sub groups. EmCommm (ham radio team), MBSAR (Mountain Bike Search and Rescue Team), CSAR (Canine Search and Rescue Team) and the EOC Support Team. Their Mission Statements are defined by their specialty. EmComm, MBSAR and CSAR team also train together and can assist each other in a search for lost persons. The team meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month, for a short business meeting. Training is planned and scheduled by the Training Group. Manchester CERT also participates in many civic events such as; The Cruisin' on Main car show (1,000 classic autos and 20,000 spectators), Thanksgiving Day Race, any emergency training drill the Town may sponsor that requires emergency communication be established and numerous civic gatherings where volunteer staff may be requested.

Name of Program: Redding CERT
Geographic Area: Redding
Point of Contact: Doug Hartline
Phone Number: 2039382559
E-mail address: Health@townofreddingct.org
Brief Description: - To organize a trained volunteer group in order to help provide critical support to first responders - To assist residents in need in the event of a disaster - To promote and educate residents on how to put together home emergency supply kits and develop family disaster plans - To help in the operation of a shelter or a town-wide mass medication dispensing clinic

Name of Program: Town of Orange CERT
Geographic Area: Town of Orange
Point of Contact: Fred Palmer
Phone Number: 2038912122
E-mail address: fcpalmer@juno.com
Website address: http://www.cert-orange.com
Brief Description: The Orange CERT is comprised of 30 dedicated volunteer Emergency Management staff that is tasked with supporting various Town agencies in preparation, response, and recovery from various disasters. The primary focus of the team is management and operations of the Town shelter(s), and is a critical part of the overall mission of local emergency management.

Name of Program: YHSC/YMCA Waterbury
Geographic Area: 06702
Point of Contact: Kitty Hillson
Phone Number: 2037581110
E-mail address: khillson@nwctahec.org
Brief Description: This group could be called upon to help with shelter operations at the YMCA site.

Name of Program: SCCOG CERT Program
Geographic Area: S.E. Connecticut
Point of Contact: Ronald Samul
Phone Number: 8604475291
E-mail address: rsamul@ci.new-london.ct.us
Website address: http://www.cert-sect.org
Brief Description: The SCCOG CERT Program encompasses the Town and City of Groton,Towns of East Lyme and Waterford, The Mohegan Tribal Nation, City of New London, and the towns of Salem and Montville. Each town and city (with the exception of Groton Town and City) continues its own CERT, and regionalizes adminsitrative and training services via the Southeastern CT CERT Committee

Name of Program: YHSC/YMCA Waterbury
Geographic Area: City of Waterbury
Point of Contact: Adam Rinko
Phone Number: 2035973441
E-mail address: arinko@waterburyct.org
Brief Description: This group could be called upon to help with shelter operations at the YMCA site.

Name of Program: Fairfield CERT
Geographic Area: Fairfield
Point of Contact: Richard Felner
Phone Number: 2032544713
E-mail address: Dfelner@town.fairfield.ct.us
Brief Description: The mission of Fairfield CERT is to assist local emergency management agencies in disaster, crisis and emergency response and to promote safety education, emergency and disaster preparedness in the the community. In addition, Fairfield CERT will address the needs (including rescue, care and shelter) of individuals with household pets and service animals prior to, during and following a major disaster or emergency.

Name of Program: Town of Enfield, CT Emergency Management CERT
Geographic Area: Enfield
Point of Contact: Daniel Vindigni
Phone Number: 8602536351
E-mail address: dvindigni@enfield.org
Brief Description: The mission of Enfield CERT is to provide critical support at Emergency Incidents. In accomplishing this mission of providing critical support at an Emergency Incident, Enfield CERT enables Emergency Responders to accomplish their primary duties. Enfield CERT current consists of 40 members who have undergone the requisite training. Additionally, from November to May, Enfield CERT meets once a month to undergo refresher training.

Name of Program: Bethel CERT
Geographic Area: Fairfield
Point of Contact: Thomas Galliford
Phone Number: 2037948522
E-mail address: gallifordt@betheltownhall.org
Website address: http://bethelct.org/preparedness/preparedness.html
Brief Description: To educate and promote disaster prepardness in the community, including assisting Emergency Management Dept in mitigating emergencies within the Town of Bethel.

Name of Program: Mohegan Sun CERT program
Geographic Area: Mohegan Tribal Nation
Point of Contact: Leonard Ochat
Phone Number: 8608627421
E-mail address: lochat@mohegansun.com
Website address: http://mohegansun.com
Brief Description: Our program is geared towards training a volunteer group of employees who are willing to assist our first responders in the event of an emergency to ensure the safety of our guests and other employees.

Name of Program: New Miflord CERT
Geographic Area: Litchfield county
Point of Contact: Jack Mangin
Title: Coordinator/Instructor
Phone Number: 8602100343
E-mail address: jack_mangin@yahoo.com
Website address: http://www.newmilfordcert.org

Name of Program: Town of Wolcott LEPC CERT
Geographic Area: Town of Wolcott, New Haven County
Point of Contact: Chet Sergey
Title: LEPC Chairman/CERT Administrator
Phone Number: 2038791414 153
E-mail address: chet.sergey@snet.net
Website address: http://www.wolcottct.com/detail.cfm?sid=10
Brief Description: As of November 2006 we have two trained and equipped teams ready to to provide multi-discipline support for the primary emergency services and their respective organizations. Another course is planned for the future. Call the number below and leave your name and telephone number to express an interest or get additional information.

Name of Program: CERT of Andover Connecticut
Geographic Area: Tolland County, CT DEMHS/CRCOG Region 3
Point of Contact: Sylvia Dake
Title: Volunteer CERT Coordinator
Phone Number: 8604981092
E-mail address: cert.andoverct@earthlink.net
Brief Description: Andover's first CERT began training on the 25th of January 2007. Our mission statement, approved by the First Selectman and Fire Chief, directs team members to be trained as per Citizen Corp and FEMA guidelines with additional training in shelter management, community safety education, and traffic control. CERT duties will also include door to door emergency notification, light search and rescue, and other activities as directed by the local town emergency manager in times of need. Andover is a small town of approximately 3000 individuals. It is situated half way between Manchester and Willimantic Connecticut on High way 6. The local terrain is mostly forested and hilly with with a several farms and small businesses. Andover is part of Regional school district #8 - the RHAM High School and Middle School. Andover has its own elementary school, town hall, fire station, library, and post office.

Name of Program: East Hartford CERT
Geographic Area: DEMHS Region 3
Point of Contact: Daniel Dube
Phone Number: 8602917411
E-mail address: ddube@ci.east-hartford.ct.us
Website address: http://www.ci.east-hartford.ct.us/Public_Documents/EastHartfordCT_EmManage/index
Brief Description: East Hartford CERT is an organization which assists emergency personnel when normal resources are stretched to their limits. The objective of CERTÃÂ? is to provide trained citizens to assist members of the community in the event of a major disaster as well as a pool of volunteers to help staff the Emergency Operations Center and local shelters. In East Hartford, CERT is also in charge of the Greater Hartford Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Relief Canteen. The canteen provides drinks and food to displaced people and emergency workers. The canteen also assists at various public events such as the DOT child safety seat check, Hartford Veteran's Day Parade, and the NBC Health and Wellness Show. Also assist the Metro Traffic Division with DUI check points throughout the Greater Hartford Area. As a CERT member you are trained on many different subjects these include, how to use a fire extinguisher, search and rescue, cribbing, shelter operations, how to open the emergency operations center, and basic first aid/CPR. We also offer the chance to become a licensed HAM Radio Operator. These are just some of the skills learned as a CERT member. Team members attend initial training that consists of a 20 hour course. This course is usually formatted into 2 hour classes, one evening a week for two and a half months. With a half-day graduation exercise on a weekend. After initial training members are also issued protective gear and a jump kit of emergency supplies.

Name of Program: Ridgefield CERT
Geographic Area: DEMHS Regions 5 and 1
Point of Contact: Richard Aarons
Phone Number: 2034389350
E-mail address: ridgefieldeoc@snet.net
Website address: http://www.ridgefieldct.org
Brief Description: Ridgefield CERT members provide support to our emergency operations center activities including emergency communications, mass sheltering, animal sheltering and administrative services. Our Fire Police unit provides crowd and traffic control at major incidents and large public gatherings.