Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability Exemption (Motor Vehicle or Real Estate)

An individual who receives a disability pension from the Social Security Administration and has been designated by the SSA is eligible for a $1000 exemption off your assessment. To qualify you must file proof of 100% disability from Social Security (form TPQY) or a copy of your “Award Letter” that states disability prior to October 1.

In Addition to the Above Conditions Homeowners Must:

 Own the property or hold a tenancy for life or for a term of years, which makes the applicant liable for payment of taxes (CGS Sec. 12-48). The property must be the applicant’s primary residence (domicile).

You must be a permanent resident of the State of Connecticut. You cannot be receiving tax relief in another state. For example, it is illegal to simultaneously receive a Homestead Exemption in Florida and property tax relief in Connecticut.