Important Information if Searching By Address

Searching For Properties By Address (Street Name)

In the past, searching for a property by location required three pieces of information - Prefix, Street Name, and Suffix. For example, looking for a parcel on North Main Street would require the follwing search criteria:


Using the example above, enter NORTH MAIN ST in the Address search field from now on.

Also certain streets which previously had strange abbreviations have been updated. For example, M&W RD is now MERIDEN WATERBURY TPKE. Also, S END RD is now SOUTH END RD.

Condominiums: Searching for condominiums has always been a challenge. With the exception of Spring Lake Village, you previously had to search for condomimiums by using the Condominium Name (e.g. ASHTON WOODS, SOUTHINGTON MANOR, HIGHLAND HILL, 90 APPLE GATE).  Nearly all condominiums have been updated to include the actual street name in the Vision Address search field. Click on the link below to open a spreadsheet that contains all condominium units. You may want to search for a specific condominium unit in this spreadsheet before trying to access the information via Vision. The spreadsheet columns highlighted in blue indicate corresponding search fields in Vision.

Southington Condominums