Inspection Information

We have information, usually a Building Permit (which may or may not be recent), that requires attention from our office. We are permitted onto Southington properties to perform inspections related to that Building Permit.

We usually do not make appointments unless the homeowner specifically requests it.

We understand that Building Officials have probably already been to your residence to perform their own inspections. We are NOT performing the same type of inspection as Building Officials. We are Assessors and must discover, list and measure all taxable features of your home, inside and out. This includes but is not limited to:
*Number of Bedrooms
*Number of Bathrooms
*Has there been a recent remodel?
*New roof, siding, windows
*Finished Basement
*Above-ground or Inground Pools and Poolhouses
*Patios and Decks
*Sheds, Detached Garages and Other Outbuildings

We normally carry a copy of your Property Record Card and any other backup documentation, a clipboard, a tape measure, a laser, writing instruments and a small digital camera. We should also be wearing an identification badge. The information we obtain is then used to update your Property Record Card.

Upon arriving at the subject property, we will ring your doorbell. If your doorbell is non-existent or out of order, we will knock. If you hear the doorbell ring and choose not to answer, or are simply not home, please be aware that if we can obtain the needed information by an exterior inspection, we will proceed anyway. If we must gain interior access for our inspection, we will leave a note asking for a call back. Please call us back - if we are unable to gain access to the interior, we will have to estimate to the best of our ability.

Regarding photographs: If new construction, photos can be taken of both interior and exterior until the residence is complete. If the residence is occupied, absolutely no interior photos will be taken. Only the most recent front exterior photo can be viewed by the public. New exterior photos will be taken if our original is outdated or if changes have been made, or if new items have been added to the property. Exterior photos can be taken of the front, sides and rear as needed, as well as photos of the new items such as pool, deck or shed.