Adopt a Family Program

Community Services offers an annual “Adopt-A-Family” program for the holiday season. The holiday times are a time of caring and sharing. This program is a way to help families enjoy all the traditions and presents for the season, to ensure it is happy for all residents, regardless of their income. The Southington community has a rich tradition of helping those in need. Sponsoring organizations include Town departments, local churches, schools, businesses, community organizations, civic groups, individuals, neighborhoods and the entire Southington community. This program is available to qualified Southington residents.

To apply for this program, you will need:
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of income for all adults in the household
  • Proof of guardianship/custody, if applicable
Want to help to make a Southington family’s holiday a little brighter? Here are ways you can help in making this program a reality each year:

  • Hold a toy drive
  • Hold a blanket drive
  • Adopt a senior
  • Adopt a family
  • Donate a gift or gift card
  • Donate money to help purchase needed items
The identity of all families being helped for the holidays is confidential. We ask that when you bring back the items for your family you mark the code on all items so that we can make sure the proper items go to the right family.

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance during the holiday season, please contact Southington Community Services at 860-628-3761.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity. May you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season.