Earth Excavation, Filling & Grading

Per Section 11-16.6 of the Zoning Regulations of the Town of Southington, the following operations not associated with a site plan or subdivision may be undertaken without a permit following the filing of a notice of intent with the Town Engineer on a form provided:

  • The moving of materials from one portion of a lot to another portion of the same lot of not more than a total of four hundred (400) cubic yards of material.
  • Necessary foundation and trench excavation only in connection with work on the premises for which a building or swimming pool permit has been issued.
  • Any filling of or removal from a site involving the movement of no more than four hundred (400) cubic yards of material.

Under 400 Cubic Yards

Homeowners wishing to perform excavation, filling, or grading of earth on their property which DOES NOT EXCEED 400 CUBIC YARDS, must complete the  Notice of Intent to Excavate/Fill/Grade Application.  There is no fee for this permit. An inspector will view the site and contact the homeowner regarding the approval status of the application.

Over 400 Cubic Yards

Homeowners excavating, filling or grading more than 400 cubic yards of earth must contact the Planning & Zoning Department.