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Engineering Department

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Welcome to the Engineering Department

Who Are We?
The Engineering Department provides broad technical assistance and expertise to Town Boards (including Planning & Zoning and Zoning Board of Appeals), Town Commissions (including Conservation Commission), and citizens at large.  Our engineers provide oversight and inspection of all construction projects within the Town, as well as Call Before You Dig mark-outs and inspections.  We supervise Town roads, storm drainage, sanitary sewer systems, and sidewalks.

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Public Notice to All Residents of Southington Regarding Road Construction in 2022

sTate project 131-190  -  rOUTE 322/rOUTE 10

Replacement of Bridge No.04560, Newell Street over Quinnipiac River
Thursday, February 2, 2023  7 p.m

DOT Contact:
Jeffery Pfaffinger, P.E.
Project Manager
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Division of Highway Design
Consultant Design - State Highways

DOT Public Information Meeting Video:

Available Plans:
131-190 Display Plan
131-190 Highway Plans
131-190 Structure Plans - Bridge #00646
131-190 Structure Plans - Bridge #05753
131-190 Traffic Plans
Irrigation Systems and Underground Dog Fences

Homeowners with any portion of an irrigation system and/or dog fence installed within the Town's Right of Way must complete a Waiver. In the event that a homeowner is unwilling to sign the Waiver, they must have a Contractor licensed with the Town of Southington apply for an Excavation Permit or relocate said irrigation system and/or dog fence outside of the Town Right-of-Way. The irrigation system or dog fence must be inspected by an Engineering Inspector. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Engineering Department at 860.276.6231.

Engineering Review of Planning & Zoning Applications

Applications submitted to the Planning & Zoning Department for Special Permit Use, Site Plan Review, Subdivisions, Earth Excavations, Flood Fill, etc. are also reviewed by the Engineering Department.  

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