ICMA Final Report

Dear Southington Residents:

The Town of Southington recently received a report from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), a national professional organization commissioned to provide a third-party, professional review of our Fire Department.

Since the report has been received, there has been an internal steering committee and individual teams formed to review the report and present a comprehensive set of recommendations to the Board of Fire Commissioners. The teams are comprised of representatives from all areas of the Department. All recommendations will be studied, and the findings will be presented to the Board of Fire Commissioners.

I believe that the report can be viewed in a few different ways. Generally, the report was complimentary of the Fire Department; however, there are recommendations to improve some of our current operations. Many of the recommendations have been instituted prior to the report’s delivery; in these cases the report is confirming our initiatives. I feel that the report affirms the strengths of the Southington Fire Department.

The Southington Fire Department welcomes this review, and it is considered a tool, and an opportunity to make changes that will in turn, progress the department forward.


Retired Harold L. Clark

Fire Chief

ICMA Final Report