Master Plan

Dear Southington Residents:

The Southington Fire Department is excited to share Emergency Services Consulting International’s (ESCI) Fire Protection Services Master Plan and Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover study of our department. ESCI was contracted by the Town of Southington to determine the current operational service delivery, future service delivery needs, and recommend operational service deliveries. The study provides an recommendations for the department’s future needs.

Southington Fire Department Master Plan
Southington Fire Department Master Plan rev1

Included in ESCI’s contract with the Town of Southington, is to develop a strategic plan for the Fire Department. A strategic plan is a shorter-term, three- to five-year plan, that is internally driven. In the near future the Fire Department will work with ESCI and put together a planning team made up of internal and external stakeholders to complete the following objectives as defined by ESCI:

  • Development or updating the agency’s mission, vision and core values
  • Identification of the department’s most important goals for the next three to five years
  • Definition of objectives and action steps needed to achieve the goals
  • Establishment of means by which to measure accomplishment of the above

Recommendations from these studies will be used to guide the department’s operational decisions for the future and a status report of its progress will be posted on this web page.

James A. Paul, Jr.
Fire Chief