Mailbox Replacement Information

Approved by the Southington Town Council December 9, 2013 and effective for all storms after December 19, 2013.

  1. When damage occurs during winter storm operations property owners have 48 hours to report damage to the Highway Department (860 276-9430) except for extenuating circumstances.  Once the damage is reported a highway department employee will come to the property to inspect the damages and determine if the damage was due to improper installation, snow being discharged from plow, or direct contact from snow removal equipment.
  2. It shall be the policy of the Southington Department of Public Works that that if any mailbox or post is damaged as the result of improper installation or snow being discharged from snow removal equipment, the responsibility for making repairs shall be borne by the property owner.  Damage that is the result of direct contact with snow removal equipment shall be borne by the Town of Southington.
  3. A form will then be left at the site instructing property owners of what further steps need to be taken.  Property owners will be compensated $50 for a mailbox and $75 for a mailbox and post only if the damage is determined to be a result of direct contact with the snow removal equipment.
  4. The Town of Southington DPW does not do any installation
  5. Disputed decisions of the Southington DPW may be appealed to the Town Manager for resolution.

The following Postal Service guidelines for proper mailbox & post installation will help to prevent damage during snow removal operations:

  1. The front of the mailbox must be 6 to 8 inches from curb line or edge of roadway.
  2. The bottom of the mailbox must be 41 to 45 inches above roadway elevation.
  3. The post should be constructed of pressure-treated wood, 4 inch by 4 inch minimum post size.
  4. #8 minimum size screws that are weather-resistant should be used during assembly of mailbox and post. Do not use nails.