May 17, 2022 Meeting information

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Draft Affordable Housing Plan (revised) for May 17, 2022 Public Hearing

126 Williamsburg Drive (S #1335)
Subdivision plan
Planning Department comments
Water Department approval
Health Department approval
Fire Department approval (rec. 5.16)

26 W Main Street; 774 S Main Street; 778 South Main Street - Municipal Parking Lot
Site plan application
Floodplain application
Proposed site plan
Fire Department approval
Health Department approval
Water Department approval (rec. 4.18)
IW approval letter 

17 West Street (SPR #1839)
Site plan revised (rec. 5.17.22)
Elevations (rec. 5.17.22)
Layout plans (rec. 5.17.22)
Traffic impact statement
Fire truck turnaround
Schematic Plans 
Fire Department approval with condition
IW approval letter
Planning comments with responses
Engineering comments with responses (rec. 5.17)
Letter of concern - Rembish (rec. 5/16)
Letter of Concern - DePaolo (rec. 5/16)
Letter of Concern - Scavetta (rec. 5/16)

Bond releases
Request for extension to file mylar - S #1332