April 16, 2024 Meeting Information

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1177 Queen St (SPR#1877) 
Site Plan Application
SPR Proposed Plans
SPR Proposed Plans REVISED (rec 3/27)
SPR Proposed Plans REVISED (rec 4/8)
Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report
Stormwater Management Report
Stormwater Management Report REVISED (rec 3/27)
Temporary Sediment Basin Design Calculations
Traffic Study
Planning Department Comments
Additional Planning Department Comments
Engineering Department Comments
Responses to Planning and Engineering Department Comments (rec 3/27)
Additional Responses to Town and DOT comments (rec 4/8)
Health Department Review with Comments
Fire Department Approval
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
A-2 Survey
Building Elevation Plans
Water Department - No Water Available Letter
Easement Map-Sidewalk-Preliminary (rec 4/8)
NDDB Letter (rec 4/8/)
Well Site Application