April 5, 2022 Meeting information

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570 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike (ZC #573)
Zone Change Map
Conceptual layout #1
500' radius map
abutters list
Notice to abutters
Certificate of mailings
Letter of concerns - Rice
Letter in opposition - Tularco
Letter re: parking - Slipski (rec. 3.16)
Letter in opposition -Hornick (rec. 3.28)
Letter in opposition - Stath (rec. 3.31)

1740 West Street (ZC #574)
Proposed zone change map
500' radius map 
Abutters List
Notice to abutters
Certificate of mailings 
Letter in opposition - Cyr (rec. 4.5)

29 Willowdale Drive (SPU #660)
Proposed plans
500' Radius Map
Abutters list
Notice to abutters
Certificate of mailing
Water Department approval 

ZA #614 - Proposed changes to MUT zone
Application and proposed text changes

Town of Southington - Rehabilitation of 3 pump stations - 1095 Old Turnpike Rd (SPR #1833); 2117 Meriden-Waterbury Road (SPR #1834); 640 Laning Street (SPR #1835)
Application and Narrative
Site plan
Engineering Dept comments
Health Dept approval
Fire Dept approvals
Inland-wetland approval letter 

243 Churchill Street (S #1334)
Proposed subdivision plans, revised (rec. 3.30)
Planning Department comments
Responses to Planning comments
IW approval letter
Engineering department comments
Responses to Engineering comments
Health Department Approval (rec. 4.4)
Fire Department approval
Water Department comments
Limited Surface Soil Investigation report
Letter of concerns - Connellan (rec. 4.5.)