February 21, 2023 Meeting Information

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1303,1193,1177 West St (SPR#1862 & SPU#674)
SPR Application 
SPU Application
Cover Letter
SPR & SPU Proposed Plans
Traffic Study
Phase 1 Environmental Report
Abutters List
Radius Map
Notice to Abutters
Wetlands Checklist & responses 
Health Department Comments
Planning Department Comments
Letter of Opposition- Pisarsky (rec 2/19)
Letter of Opposition-Gworek, Schaupp, Pfanzelt, Schlosser (rec 2/21)
Letter of Opposition-Micalizzi (rec 2/21)
Letter of Opposition-Sullivan (rec 2/22)

1656 Meriden Ave (SPR#1812.1)
(Includes parcels 291, 307-309 MWT)
SPR Application
SPR Proposed Plans
SPR Proposed Plans sheet SP-1 revised (rec 2/16)
Project Narrative
Engineering Report
Traffic Study
Planning Department Comments
Planning Department Comments with responses (rec 2/16)
Engineering Department Comments  
Engineering Department Comments with responses (rec 2/21)
Landscape Plan sheet LL-1 revised (rec 2/16)
Fire Department Approval 
Health Department Approval with comments
Construction detail sheet with drywell detail
Water Department Approval

Bond Releases