July 20, 2021 Meeting information

Agenda (link to join meeting is on the agenda)

131 (aka 137) Mount Vernon Road (SPU #651)
Proposed plan
Color rendering
Planning Department memo
500' radius map
Abutters list
Notice to abutters
Water Dept approval
Health Dept approval
Certificate of mailing

1608 Meriden-Waterbury Road - SPR #1818
Site plan
Planning Dept comments
Health Dept approval
Fire Dept approval
Copy of Zoning Board of Appeals approval
Request for table (rec. 6.1)
65 Day extension
Request for table (rec. 7.19)

1000 East Street - YMCA Camp Sloper - EE #141.1 and SPR #1819
Application - SPR #1819
Application - EE #141.1
Site plan 
Fire Dept approval
Water Dept approval
Engineering comments (rec. 6.1)

812 Queen Street (SPR #1822)
Site plan
Planning comments
Engineering comments
Water Dept approval
Fire Dept approval
Responses to Engineering Comments rec. 7.20.21
Responses to Planning comments rec. 7.20.21

50 Mastrianni Place (SPR #1823)
Site plan
Planning comments
Engineering comments
Fire Dept approval
Stormwater Report

65 Triano Drive (SPR #1687.2)
Site plan (revised, rec. 6.21)
Planning comments
Responses to planning comments
Water Department approval
Fire Department approval
Yorski email rec. 7.20.21

295 Laning Street documents
Traffic Study - 2016 (rec. 6.15)
Revised site plan to show emergency exit - (rec. 6.10)
1992 Ladder fire truck entering site from west (from Queen St) (rec. 6.4)
Presentation prepared by Attorney Meccariello
Notification to Connecticut Dept. of Health and Southington Water Department
Accident history
Community Septic questions - Health Department
Phase 1 Environment site assessment report (rec. 5/13/21)
Packet received from Attorney Meccariello (rec. 5/18/21)
Parcels vacant over 10 ac within 1500 feet 
Fire safety review letter (rec. 5.18)
Fire Truck Access Study (rec. 6/1)

ZA #608 (Laning St)
Application and proposed text
Proposed text - Revised - (rec. 5/18)
Proposed text - revised (rec. 6.14)
Stamped town clerk filing
NVCOG response
CRCOG response

ZC #569 (Laning St)
Proposed zone change map
Radius map and abutters list 
Town Clerk stamped copy
Notice to abutters
Certificate of mailings
Letter in opposition - Borofsky (rec. 4/20)
Letter in opposition - Brickley (rec. 4/20)
Letter in  opposition - Bednarz (rec. 4/21)
Letter in opposition - Poole (rec. 5/4)
Letter in opposition - O'Hara (rec. 5/5)
Letter in opposition - Neal (rec. 5/18)
Letter in opposition - McKenney (rec. 6.15)

SPR #1811 (Laning St)
site plan
Revised site plan (rec. 5.18)
site plan revised Sheet S-2 (rec. 4/28)
site plan revised Sheet S-4 (rec. 4/28)
Planning Department comments
Responses to Planning Dept comments (rec. 4/28)
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Housing Affordability plan
Soil Report
Traffic Report
Drainage report
Health Dept soil report 
Preliminary Duplex Design
Fire Department approval 
Email from Fire Chief/Fire Marshal re:  number of access points (rec. 5/3)
Email from Police Chief re:  number of access points (rec. 5/3)
Email from Water Department re: Laning Street pressure (rec. 5/3)
Preliminary Duplex Design rec. 5.3.21
Preliminary Duplex Design sheet A2.1 (rec. 5/14/21)
Presentation (rec. 5/18)

Bond Release requests