June 21, 2022 Meeting information

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36 Long Bottom Road (SPU #662 / SPR#1841)
SPU Application
SPU Proposed Plan
SPR  Application
SPR Proposed plan revised (rec. 6/21)
Radius Map
Abutters List
Notice to abutters
Certificate of Mailing
Planning Department Comments
Responses to Planning comments (rec. 6/20)
Engineering Department Comments
Responses to Engineering comments (rec. 6/20)
Additional Engineering comments (rec. 6.21)
Responses to additional Engineering comments (rec. 6.21)
Health Department Comments
Fire Department Approval 
Water Department Approval
Scour Hole Design (rec. 6/20)

919 Queen St (SPR #1786.1)
SPR Application
Proposed Plan
Planning Department comments
Engineering Department comments
Fire Department Approval with conditions

17 West Street (SPR #1839)
Site plan revised (rec. 5.17.22)
Elevations (rec. 5.17.22)
Layout plans (rec. 5.17.22)
Stage Info (rec. 6.3.22)
Traffic impact statement
Fire truck turnaround
Schematic Plans 
Fire Department approval with condition
IW approval letter
Planning comments with responses
Engineering comments with responses (rec. 5.17)
Water Department approval (rec. 6/20)
Letter of concern - Rembish (rec. 5/16)
Letter of Concern - DePaolo (rec. 5/16)
Letter of Concern - Scavetta (rec. 5/16)
Health Department comments

Letter of Concern - DePaolo (rec. 6/7)
Letter of Concerns - Cooper (rec. 6/10)
Letter of Opposition-Beckwith (rec 6/16)
Letter of concerns - Rembish (rec. 6/17)

885 Queen Street (SPR #1840)
Site Plan
Engineered Drawings
Planning Comments
Engineering comments
Health Department approval
Fire Department approval
Water Department approval (rec. 6.6)