October 18, 2022 Meeting Information

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*The PZC will not be opening the public hearing on the Denorfia application nor be taking any action on the Denorfia or LePage applications*

570 Meriden Waterbury Tpke (SPR#1844 & SPU#666)
Site Plan Application
Special Permit Application
SPR & SPU Proposed Plan (rec 9.6.22)
SPR & SPU Proposed Plan (revised, rec 9.29.22)
Planning Department Comments
Planning Department Comments with responses (rec 9.29.22)
Fire Marshall Review Request
Health Department Approval
Notice to Abutters & Abutters List
Radius Map
Stormwater Report
Traffic Report
Wetland Field Survey
Certificate of Mailings
Letter of Concern-Marcik (rec 10.3.22)
Letter of Concern-Tulacro (rec 10.4.22)
Letter of Support-Robison (rec 10.4.22)
Fire Department Review with comments-Rejected

347, 349, 389 Marion Ave (S#1337) (IW#1307)
Subdivision Application
Subdivision Proposed Plan
Planning Department comments
Health Department approval
Stormwater Report
Fire Department approval
Letter of Concern-Kennedy (rec 10.4.22)