September 6, 2022 Meeting Information

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425 Burritt St Rear & 429 Burritt St - Mandatory 8-24 Referral (MR#566)

99 Smoron Dr (SPR#1843)
SPR Application
Site Plan (revised, rec 8.11.22)
Site Plan (revised 8.30.22, rec 9.1.22)
Planning Department comments
Planning Department comments with responses (rec 8.11.22)
Engineering Department comments
Engineering Department comments with responses (8.11.22)
Stormwater Report
Fire Marshall Plan request
Fire Department approval
Health Department review
Water Department review

347, 349, 389 Marion Ave (S#1337)
Subdivision Application
Subdivision Plan 
Planning Department Comments
Stormwater Report

126 Williamsburg Dr (S#1335)
90 day extension request (rec 8.22.22)

Administrative Item
1261 South Main St (SPR#1813.1)
SPR Application 
Site Plan
Drainage Report