Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Process

Beginning Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 9:00 am, you will be able to reserve space for your child in the 2021 Playground Program. Completion of the online reservation process is REQUIRED. Reservations will not be accepted by phone, email, or in person at the Recreation Department.

Each program session has its own designated reservation site. Links are posted on the Playground Program Registration webpage.

After completing the online reservation process, the required registration paperwork and payment in full must be received in the Recreation Department office no later than 4:30 pm on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the CANCELLATION of your reservation.

Admission to the program is based on grade level rather than age. All four sessions will be open to students entering grades 1-6 in the fall (August 2021-June 2022 school year).
Yes. Each child may be registered for a maximum of two sessions (pending space availability).

Yes. You may place your child's name on the wait list for any or all sessions.

If you are eventually offered a space in a wait listed session and your child is already signed up for two other sessions, you will need to choose which two sessions you wish to keep. There will be no exceptions made to the two session maximum rule.

No. Because the online reservation process collects only minimal information and is simply designed to hold a space for your child, it may be completed by any adult.

If someone other than the child's parent/guardian will be completing the online reservation, they will need to have the following required information on hand:

  • First & last name of one parent/guardian
  • Parent/guardian's e-mail address
  • Parent/guardian's phone number
  • First & last name of each child to be registered.

The actual registration paperwork, which contains in-depth information about the child as well as emergency contacts and pick-up permissions, does need to be completed by a parent/legal guardian. It may not be signed by another relative or temporary guardian.

No. The information required during the online reservation process is specific to each family (i.e. parent/guardian's name & contact info), so a separate online form would need to be completed for any child whose information differs. You may only register multiple children using a single online form if they all share the same parental contact information.

No. Registrations for Sessions 1, 2, and 3 will only be accepted for the scheduled two-week period.

Additionally, there are no discounts or refunds* if your child is signed up for a two-week session but only attends for one week. Each session's registration fee is a flat rate and is not based on the actual number of days attended.

*If your child must exit the program before the end of a session due to medical reasons, a pro-rated refund may be issued provided that a doctor's note is submitted to the Recreation Department.

No. Payment is not due during the online portion of the registration process; however, payment must be received in the Recreation Department office no later than 4:30 pm on Wednesday, March 31st (along with the completed/signed registration paperwork) in order to complete and secure your reservation.

Reservations that have not been followed up with payment and the proper paperwork by the March 31st deadline will be cancelled.

No. You may submit a single payment with the total amount due for all children/sessions.

Payment by check or money order is preferred, made payable to "Town of Southington." Cash is also accepted in person at the Recreation Department office; however, you must have the exact amount due. The office does not keep cash on hand to make change.

You may also choose to pay by credit card in person at the office or online. Please keep in mind that all credit card transactions will have a 3% service fee added on to the total cost which is non-refundable. The service fee is collected by the third party credit card vendor, PayGOV.US, not the Town of Southington.

Financial aid may be available to eligible families through Southington Community Services. Please make an appointment with the Community Services office at (860) 628-3761 to check your eligibility for financial aid. Qualifying families may receive a maximum "scholarship" of $130 per child towards the program registration fees (this will cover the cost of one 2-week session).

The March 31st program registration deadline still applies, so be sure to contact SCS as early as possible if you will be relying upon the scholarship as your method of payment.

No. We do not require a birth certificate or any type of medical records for registration.

Please be sure to note any allergies or medical conditions that program staff should be aware of in the designated area on your child's registration paperwork.

Hard copies of the registration paperwork will be available to pick up in the Recreation Department office at Town Hall, 75 Main Street (top floor). Blank forms will only be handed out to those who have completed the online reservation process. If you are unable to get to the office during regular business hours, please call us at (860) 276-6219 or email to make alternate arrangements to obtain the necessary paperwork.

All online reservations that have not been followed up with the proper paperwork and payment by March 31st will be CANCELLED. Those spaces will then be offered to individuals on the wait list.

You may call the Recreation Department office at (860) 276-6219 to see if there is still availability in the session(s) you had originally requested, but space is no longer guaranteed for your child.

Yes, provided that you notify the Recreation Department office at least three (3) business days prior to the start date of the session(s) being cancelled. You may call (860) 276-6219 or email with your cancellation notice and refund request. A timely cancellation will allow us to offer the space to a child on the wait list, so the sooner you are able to notify us, the better.

All refunds will be issued in check form, regardless of your initial form of payment. Checks will be issued by the Southington Finance Department and may take 2-4 weeks to be processed and mailed. Credit card service fees that were paid in addition to the registration fees are non-refundable; no exceptions. View all program registration, cancellation, and refund policies here.

General Program Information

No. We do not offer additional care services before or after the regular program hours. All children must be dropped off in time for the 9:00 am start and picked up promptly at 2:00 pm.

Yes. The names of individuals approved to pick up your child may be added or removed at any time. There are two ways to make changes to your child's pick-up permissions form after it has already been submitted:

1.  Notify a program staff member during the morning check-in that you would like to add or remove a name. They will immediately make the necessary change(s).

2.  If the change is occurring prior to the start of the session or during a program day where you were not present at check-in, please notify the Recreation Department office by phone at (860) 276-6219 or by email at Program staff will then be notified (immediately, if the program is already in progess) of the necessary change(s).

No. Lunch, snacks, and drinks must be provided daily by the child's family.

Please see the "Food & Beverages" section of our Playground Program Guidelines for further details.

A decision regarding field trips for summer 2021 has not yet been made. During this time of pandemic-related precautions and restrictions, our program is being required to abide by youth camp regulations as set forth by the State of Connecticut's Office of Early Childhood. It is expected that the OEC will be updating the rules for summer programs within the next few months.

The Recreation Department will make every effort to schedule field trips as usual if it is safe to do so. In the past, field trips took place each Wednesday (two trips for Sessions 1, 2, and 3 and one trip for Session 4). Typically, one trip is to see a movie at AMC Theatres and the other is bowling at Apple Valley Bowl; however, if social distancing guidelines will be impossible to follow with our large group (135 children plus 18 staff members) in these types of locations, other field trip options may be explored. A final decision should be available by the end of May.

No. All of the Camp Counselors leave the grounds along with the campers on field trips days, so no one is permitted to stay behind.

Field trips generally span most of the program day, so if your child does not wish to participate (or you do not wish to have them participate), he/she will need to miss that program day. There are no refunds for any missed days.

No. Pool use is completely optional. Children who do not wish to swim or use the wading pool on any given day may choose to participate in other activities instead.

Please see the "Pool Use" section of our Playground Program Guidelines for further details.

No. The use of flotation devices is prohibited during this program.

Although the "Pool Rules" posted at the facility indicate that Coast Guard-approved floats are permitted during public open swim hours, the rule applies under the assumption that the individual using the flotation device will have 1-on-1 supervision by a responsible, strong swimmer (usually an adult family member) who is also in the water to provide support as needed.

Playground Program staff members, along with a certified Lifeguard, supervise all pool activities but do not enter the water unless deemed necessary by an emergency. Since there are no adults swimming in the pool to offer individualized supervision and/or support, it is our program's requirement that any child wishing to use the full-size pool must be able to swim confidently without the use of any flotation devices.

If your child cannot or will not swim without the use of a flotation device, they should be marked as a "non-swimmer" on the registration paperwork. This will permit the child to use the wading pool, if desired, but not the full-size swimming pool.

  • YES:  Epi-Pens and Inhalers
  • NO:  All Other Medications

Children who require use of an Epi-Pen or inhaler should bring these items to a staff member on their first program day in a bag or container labeled with their name. Staff will keep these medications in a secured location (unless the child is required to have it on their person at all times).

All other medications (both prescription and non-prescription), if necessary, must be administered by a parent/guardian at home. Staff members cannot legally administer or assist in the administration of any medications other than Epi-Pens and inhalers.