Sewer Assessments

For property owners in those areas where service lines have been extended, a sewer assessment may be levied. Sewer assessment bill are sent annually based on the original assessment. If you currently are paying on a sewer assessment, please contact our office at (860) 276-6233 for information about your account's due date and balance due.

Generally, sewer assessments are based on the property's frontage x the current assessment rate. The current residential assessment rate (effective 11/13/2012) is $90.00/linear foot. For example: a property with frontage of 100 feet will be assessed for $9,000.00 (100 ft x $90.00).

Certain circumstances require adjustments to the frontage calculation. They are as follows:

Deferred Assessments - Although all, or a portion, of your property has been assessed, no charge or agreement will be made on the deferred portion until such a time as the land itself is made sewerable.

Exempt Assessments - All, or a portion, of your property will not be assessed because sewerage producing buildings cannot be constructed on the property.

Corner Lot - If your property is a corner lot, you will be assessed the frontage length at the thirty (30) foot setback line in accordance with the Sewer Act.

Over-sized Lot - If your property is a single building lot that cannot be subdivided in a Residential Zone and your frontage is more than 1 1/2 (one and one-half) times the zone frontage, your property will be exempt for any frontage over the 1 1/2 footage amount.