Collection System

Wastewater, which can originate in homes or businesses, is conveyed to the Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant by way of our sanitary sewer system. A series of pipes conveys the wastewater, and where the wastewater must go over a hill, a pump station is provided.

The Town is responsible for maintaining the Sanitary Sewer system, which consists of all main sanitary sewers, 8-inch or larger, and 10 pump stations. The homeowner is responsible for maintenance of their own lateral, which is the 6-inch line connecting the dwelling with the Town's main lines.

In the event of a blockage located in the Town's lines, we have 24 hour coverage to resolve the problem. Equipment which the Town uses to maintain the lines include a Jet-Vac truck and a sewer inspection TV system.

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Jet-Vac & Camera

By far, the major cause of blockages in our system is due to grease from food preparation establishments. Consequently, the State of Connecticut has required that all grease producing establishments must now provide a grease interceptor to keep grease out of the Sewer system.

For more information regarding the new Connecticut DEP General Permit regarding the discharge of grease