Hope and Support Group

Welcome to the Hope and Support Group. We meet the second Thursday and last Thursday of every month virtually.  Visit our website for details, https://tricircleinc.com/. Together we recognize that addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family as well as every child. Therefore we have chosen to meet together to help support each other in the process of recovery. Our purpose is not to replace 12 step support groups such as Alanon, Naranon or Families Anonymous but to offer reinforcement of the principles of recovery in another way. We are professionals here to support and serve you, the parents, and guardians while you support each other through your lived experiences.

Our mission in this group is to support each other, teach self-care and in turn help other parents, and guardians whose children are struggling with addiction or learning to thrive in life without the use of drugs.

  • With that in mind here are a few things we want you to know:
  • You are not alone. We have been there.
  • We want to offer hope, compassion and support, with the honesty that recovery requires.
  • We believe in service, the new person is the most important person in the room. Feel free to reach out to each other.
  • We believe addiction is a disease that we cannot control and we are not responsible for it. We are however responsible for our own recovery.
  • We are here to fix and heal ourselves, not our children.

There is no obligation for your participation in this group except that you pass it on to others as you grow in your own recovery.

For additional meetings around the state, please click here.