COVID-19 Vaccination Update

From the Plainville-Southington Health District

January 12, 2021

As nations throughout the world have begun a historic vaccination campaign, the Plainville-Southington Health District would like to provide an update on the current status of the campaign and what is expected in the coming months.

With the supply of vaccine being distributed globally, there is not a sufficient supply for each individual at this time which has necessitated the federal government, and governments throughout the world, to establish priority groups. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), through their Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) working group will establish and recommend the priority groups to the states. In Connecticut, the Governor has established a Vaccine Advisory Group who will assist in establishing the state’s priority grouping. Vaccine providers are only allowed to vaccinate those in eligible priority groups.

Currently, the State of Connecticut is allowing vaccinations in the high and moderate risk categories of Priority Group 1a which includes: some healthcare personnel, long term care facility residents, and some first responders.

 The State of Connecticut Vaccine Advisory Group has been meeting to discuss who would be eligible under Priority Group 1b and when that phase will be implemented. As of this writing, it has yet to be established with the exception of those over 75 who can begin being vaccinated after January 18th. This group is also working on how the vaccine will be distributed as more doses become available. Currently, it is being distributed by hospitals, some local health departments and by a public-private partnership with pharmacies who are vaccinating long term care facility residents. The goal is to increase the number of health care providers who can receive and administer the vaccine as the supply of vaccine increases and more members of the public are eligible for the vaccine with the expected to be available where you would regularly get vaccinated such as:  pharmacies, doctors’ offices, community health clinics, local health clinics, and through other providers

 The Health District encourages residents to continue to monitor the State of Connecticut Vaccination page This page will stay updated to show which priority group is currently eligible, who will be included in the next priority group and the timing for the implementation of the phases and eventual widespread vaccine distribution to the general public.

 The health district will provide additional updates when more information becomes available.