Southington Local Redistricting

Your polling location may have changed. To confirm your registration and check your polling location, please visit the Secretary of the State's web lookup tool found here.

From the Registrars of Voters:

By law, every ten years in the United States a census is taken. The amount of people living in each State, and each Congressional District changes. Because of the one man one vote ruling of 1964, each State then must redistrict the Federal Congressional Districts, as well as the State House and State Senate Districts. The new redistricting plan must be passed by the State House, the State Senate and signed by the Governor in to Law.

It is up to the local Registrars to fit the local voting district into the new State Legislative Districts. In Southington we have all or part of four legislative Districts. Part of the 22nd, 30th, 80th and all of the 81st. This has been set by the State. Our new 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th districts are the 81st Legislative district; the 5th and 6th districts are Southington’s part of the 80th; the 7th district is our part of the 22nd ; with the 8th and 9th districts being Southington’s part of the 30th Legislative District.

The polling locations have been approved by the Town Council with advice from the Registrar of Voters. You will find that the new polling locations are balanced and shall have more checker tables to move the voters through at an easier pace than in the past.