I-691 Resurfacing Project Construction Update

I-691 Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements Project
Project No. 0079-0244 Construction News - 21 Day Lookahead
Construction Update: June 27 - July 15

PLANNED CONSTRUCTION: Crews will not be working Friday Night, July 1 through Monday, July 4 in observation of the July 4th holiday.

From June 27 to July 15, during nighttime hours, between 7 PM and 6 AM, crews will saw cut patches for concrete pavement replacement on I-691 Stage 2 and Stage 4 EB and at the Exit 8 ramp. Crews will also be laying out patches and surveying bridge deck elevations throughout the project limits. Crews will also be conducting partial depth patching on I-691 EB bridges. The removal and replacement of existing concrete pavement repairs on I-691 Stage 2 EB. Crews will also install side mounted signs throughout the project limits. During the daytime hours, from 7 AM to 6 PM, crews will be demolishing and reconstructing end blocks out of the roadway and installing side mounted signage foundations along I-691 EB.

The week of June 27 to June 30, during nighttime hours, crews will work on manholes along I-691 Stage 4 WB. During the daytime hours, crews will install conduit in trenches and install aerial cable between Exit 7 and 8 EB.   

From June 27 through July 8, during nighttime hours, crews will work on underdrain road crossings in I-691 Stage 3 EB and Lewis Avenue on-ramp drainage. Crews will also install light bases along the WB ramps and Exit 7 and 8 EB.

From July 5 through July 15, during nighttime hours, crews will scrap bridge decks along I-691 EB. Crews will also mill the mainline and ramps as well as conduct concrete patching following the milling along I-691 Stages 2 and 3 EB. Crews will pave and conduct crack sealing along I-691 Stages 2 and 3 WB.
I-691 update 6.24.2022
TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Work will be conducted primarily during nighttime hours, from 7 PM to 6 AM. One or two lanes along I-691 will be closed to traffic while nighttime work is underway. All lanes will be reopened and operational during peak traffic hours.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The I-691 Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements Project, State Project No. 0079-0244, consists of resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation, illumination improvements, sign replacements, drainage upgrades and guiderail replacement. The roadway improvements address the failing concrete pavement and provide safety refinements between Exit 5 and 4 in the Westbound direction. The existing highway underdrains and existing metal pipes are being rehabilitated or replaced throughout the project limits. Additionally, bridge rehabilitation will be completed on the bridge decks and parapets to meet current Federal Highway Administration Standards.

This project limits begin near Meriden Mall/MidState Medical Center area in Meriden and continuing through the towns of Middlefield, Meriden, Southington and Cheshire. The overall project limits are approximately from mile 0 to mile 9 on I-691 and Route 66 between log mile 0.0 and 1.95 for signage upgrades.

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