Repair & Replacement Program

The Engineering Department offers a Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program.  This program provides the homeowner partial reimbursement for repairing their sidewalk.  After the homeowner completes and returns the Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Application, our inspector will visit the site to determine if the sidewalk is eligible for reimbursement.  Once the inspector grants approval, the homeowner must hire a contractor licensed with the Town of Southington.  If the homeowner wishes to hire a contractor not currently licensed by the Town, the contractor may apply for licensure.  Contractors should refer to our detailed information regarding requirements and license application. 

Contractors must secure an Excavation Permit and call for all appropriate inspections in order for the reimbursement to be processed.  The current reimbursement rate is 40% of the actual cost of the sidewalk repairs (at $15.72 per square foot maximum for a concrete sidewalk).  If the curb and sidewalk are monolithic, the Town will reimburse 40% of the curb repair cost as well. Please call the Engineering Department for the current maximum reimbursable rate for the monolithic concrete curb and sidewalk.

Click here for a List of Currently Licensed Sidewalk Contractors.

The homeowner should contact the Engineering Department at 860-276-6231 when the work is scheduled to begin.