Project Float (Scavenger Hunt) COMPLETE

No new floats are being placed, however there are still a number of floats on our open space parcels that have not been reported. Please keep your eyes peeled for one!

We are happy to announce PROJECT FLOAT as part of Southington Town Councils Open Space Sub-Committee.

Project Float is designed to encourage people in our community to explore our preserved Open Spaces in the Town of Southington this fall season. Over the last 20+ years the Town has partnered with property owners and pursued land through our Open Space acquisition program by way of land purchases, donations, grants and development rights. We have preserved more than 700 acres of land in our community and a number of them have beautiful hiking trails for all to enjoy.

Project Float is a scavenger hunt that combines the beauty of our open space hiking trails with the natural beauty of glass fishing floats (see photo below), that can be used as decorations and signs of the diverse hope and beauty that exist in our community. It is our hope that people in the community will visit one of the five parcels where we are actively placing these fishing floats on, to explore these spaces, the natural species that live and exist there, while hunting for one of these many beautiful treasures and reflecting on all the beauty our open spaces offer our community.

As already touched upon above, the objective of the scavenger hunt is not only to provide a fun activity searching for these beautiful artifacts, but to also take in some of the most beautiful land preservation is in our community and our state. While you are out on your hunt, take in the visual majestic beauty and the unique features of each parcel. Remember what you see, pay attention to the different sounds you hear at each location and within each location and make note of the different aromas as you pass through the various landscapes.

In today’s day and age, we don’t often take enough time to put our electronic devices away and enjoy the wonders of our world, often right here in our back yards. We hope you do find this time to get out there and make lasting memories exploring!!

Information about the history of glass fishing floats can be found in the links below.
Glass Fishing Net Floats
Sea Glass Journal
The Glass Museum

Glass Float

Parcels where we have actively placed glass fishing floats are indicated below (this list will be updated periodically):

- Novicks (Flanders to Pleasant St)

- Korin (Copper Ridge)

- Curtiss (South End Rd)

- Crescent Lake

- Panthorn Park hiking trail -not frisbee golf course/trails

-Sherry Drive (logging road and overgrown meadow)

We only ask the following for those fortunate to find a fishing float:

- Enjoy it’s beauty of course

Scan the QR code to email us a confirmation of the glass float # that you foundGlass Floats

Only take one float this season so others may also partake and have an opportunity to find a float

Should you have any questions please reach out to:

Paul Chaplinsky:

Or David Lavallee

glass float 3

More information about Southington’s Open Space can be found here:

Information and maps on preserved parcels can be found here:

Our plan for open space in Southington can be found here:,%20Parks%20Department/openspace_plan.pdf