April 20, 2021 Meeting information

April 20, 2021 meeting information

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Notification to Connecticut Dept. of Health and Southington Water Department

295 Laning Street 

Presentation prepared by Attorney Meccariello

ZA #608
Application and proposed text

ZC #569
Proposed zone change map
Radius map and abutters list 
Certificate of mailings
Letter in opposition - Borofsky (rec. 4/20)
Letter in opposition - Brickley (rec. 4/20)

SPR #1811
site plan
Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Housing Affordability plan
Soil Report
Traffic Report
Drainage report
Health Dept soil report 
Preliminary Duplex Design
Fire Department approval 

137 Knowles Avenue (SPU #647)
Radius map
Abutters list
Plot plan
Planning Dept memo
Notice to abutters
Health Dept approval
Water Dept approval
Certificate of mailing

ZA #607 (Residential solar arrays)
Application and proposed text changes

Bauder - 611 Old Turnpike Road (SPR #1815)
Site Plan, revised, rec. 4.6.21
Planning Department comments
Responses to Planning Dept comments rec. 4.6.21
Engineering Department comments
Responses to Engineering comments rec. 4.6.21
Water Department approval
Fire Department approval
Health Department approval

300 Welch Road (S #1327)
Site plan
Fire Department approval
Request to table

Bond release memo