November 15, Meeting Information

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570 Meriden Waterbury Tpke (SPR#1844)
Site Plan Application
SPR Proposed Plan (rec 9.6.22)
SPR Proposed Plan (revised, rec 9.29.22)
SPR Proposed Plan (revised 10.20.22, rec 10.20.22)
SPR Proposed Plan (revised 10.31.22, rec 11.1.22)
SPR Proposed Plan (revised 11.15.22, rec 11.15.22)
Planning Department Comments
Planning Department Comments with responses (rec 9.29.22)
Engineering Department Comments
Engineering Department Comments with responses (rec 11.1.22)
Engineering Department additional comments (11.10.22)
Engineering Department additional comments with responses (rec 11.15.22)
Fire Marshall Review Request
Health Department Approval
Notice to Abutters & Abutters List
Radius Map
Stormwater Report
Stormwater Report (revised 10.18.22, rec 10.20.22)
Stormwater Report (revised sections 11.15.22, rec 11.15.22)
Traffic Report
Wetland Field Survey
Certificate of Mailing
Letter of Concern-Marcik (rec 10.3.22)
Letter of Concern-Tulacro (rec 10.4.22)
Letter of Support-Robison (rec 10.4.22)
Letter of Concern-Hobson (rec 11.14.22)
Fire Department Review with comments-Rejected
Fire Department Approval
Water Department Approval
Affordability Plan (Draft)
Declaration of Highland Ridge Condominium 
Spillway Designs (rec 11.15.22)
Proposed Water Shed Area (rec 11.15.22)

347, 349, 389 Marion Ave (S#1337) 
Subdivision Application
Subdivision Proposed Plan
Planning Department comments
Health Department approval
Stormwater Report
Fire Department approval
Letter of Concern-Kennedy (rec 10.4.22)
65 Day Extension Approval Letter

113 Wedgewood Rd (SPU#667)
SPU Application
SPU Proposed Plan
SPU Proposed Plan REVISED (rec 11.15.22)
Radius Map
Abutters List
Notice to Abutters
Certificate of Mailing
Planning Department Comments
Health Department Approval
Fire Department Approval 
Letter of Support-Sewell (rec 11.15.22)
Letters of Support-(rec 11.15.22)

Bond Releases