Frequently Asked Questions

How is my sewer usage charge calculated?
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What is the current sewer usage rate? 
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What methods of payment do you accept?
Credit card payments are now accepted on-line AND in the Sewer Office. Please visit and click on On-Line Payments. A 2.45% convenience fee will be charged to the card you use. Convenience fees are not remitted to the Town of Southington. If you do not wish to pay the convenience fee, payments may still be made by cash, check or money order via the mail or in person at the Sewer Office.

I have more than one bill. Can I make out one check for all of them?
Yes, one check may be written for all of your sewer use charges. Checks should be made payable to Southington Sewer Department. Please do not include water, property taxes or another town's tax amounts in your payment to Southington.

What happens if I pay late?
Sewer use payments must be received by the due date to avoid the accrual of interest. If a payment is received after your due date, it will immediately be subject to interest in the amount of 1% of the unpaid balance.  It will then continue to accrue at a rate of 1.0% per month (12% annually). If payment in full is not received prior to your next billing date, we are required to file a lien against your property. Liens fees are $6.00.

Can interest on my sewer use bill be waived?
No. We do not have the authority to waive interest for balances owed on sewer use charges. The owner is responsible to see that the sewer use charges are paid when due. No Exceptions. CT General Statute 12-146.

How do I correct the mailing address on my sewer use bill?
If the mailing address is incorrect on your sewer use bill, please contact our office at 860-276-6233.

I am being improperly billed for sewer usage. What should I do?
Contact our office at 860-276-6233. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR BILL!

What if my sewer usage bill says "BALANCE FORWARD"?
This means that at the time the sewer use bills were printed, there was an unpaid charge in your name from a previous billing cycle. Please call the Sewer Office at 860-276-6233 for further information on past due bills. Any payment received will be applied to the oldest bill first.

What if I did not receive my sewer use bill?
Call the Sewer Office at 860-276-6233 and we will send you a duplicate bill. Connecticut case law has consistently ruled that it is the duty of the property owner to pay the bill when it is due. Failure to receive a bill does not invalidate the charge or the interest that accrues if the bill is not paid on time.

Why is my sewer bill so high?
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