Sewer Connections

The Sewer Department can advise you as to the availability of sanitary sewer service for your property. If sanitary sewers are available you will need to obtain a permit to connect. This permit must be taken by your contractor who possesses the proper plumber's licensing. In addition, a connection charge may be required if a sanitary sewer assessment on the property has not previously been paid. The connection charge represents a proportionate share of the investment the Town has made in the general benefit of the sanitary sewer system. Please contact the Sewer Department whenever a connection to the sanitary sewer system is planned.

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Permit Fees: $15.00
Connection Fees: Property Frontage x Current Residential Assessment Rate ($90.00 effective 11/13/2012)
Example: Mr. & Mrs. Smith wish to connect to the sanitary sewer. The Sewer Department has determined that no previous sanitary sewer assessment has been paid. Therefore, a connection charge is due. Land records determine that the frontage of the property is 150'. The current residential assessment rate is $90.00. The connection fee due is calculated as follows: 150' x $90.00= $13,500.00

If applicable, any connection fees must be paid before a permit to connect to the sanitary sewer is issued.

Property owners are responsible for hiring a contractor to make the connection. The Town does not offer this service. If it is necessary that the contractor dig within the Town's right-of-way, the contractor must be licensed with the Town. We invite you to visit our Engineering Department page for more information on road excavations and contractor licensing.

Notice to Contractors: Contractors are required to give 24 hours notice when requesting an inspection. Please contact your inspector directly.