Local Government Access TV Station

The Town Clerk's office broadcasts WEEKLY MUNICIPAL CALENDARS AND INFORMATION on the local cable government access TV station. The information is updated from our office each week and can be viewed on Cox Communications Cable position #14 or position # 117.70* and Frontier cable position 6084 (you will need to select "Southington" from the list of towns). Town Council & other town board meetings, as well as town events, are also aired regularly.

*Please Note:  Cox Communications Customers* Effective December 15, 2010, analog TV's will no longer receive Public Access stations without a box.  Please call 1-877-903-7912 for information on how to obtain a free box.  Customers with newer, digital TV's (purchased after March 2007) not connected to a box may view Channel 14 programming on the new Channel 117.170 (you may need to first reprogram your TV's stations using the "Menu" function).

Schedule is subject to change.

Day of the Week Town Council     Planning & Zoning  Board of Finance     
Monday 10:00 AM -- 8:00 PM  
Tuesday  8:00 PM 2:00 PM --  
Wednesday 2:00 PM 7:00 PM  --  
Thursday 6:30 PM -- 12 NOON  
Friday 7:00 PM 11:15 AM 9:00 AM  
Saturday -- -- 6:00 PM  
Sunday 10:00 AM -- --